It may come as a surprise to realise that Vc Metalwork deals not only in metal but also many other exotic materials.

As part of our ongoing growth Vc Metalwork has become the go-to business when looking for alternatives to ‘standard’ metal parts found on most yachts.

The progression of technology and materials over recent years has yielded many new and developed materials which can replace metallic components, offering greater physical properties, longer life, better corrosion resistance as well as properties such as self lubrication and greater compression strength.

Vc Metalwork are in the unique position in the industry to not only stock but also have the capability of machine such materials.

Our range includes (and not limited to) PEEK, Delrin, Orkot, Tufnol. Duralon, CJ Dixon, Feroform, Torlon, Vesconite, Oilon, UHMWPE, Ertalyte and Ultracomp.

We stock these materials both in Palma, Spain and in our facility in Florida, USA allowing cutting edge material choice no matter where you are.

From initial design and correct material choice through to machining and installation Vc Metalwork can assist with all your ‘exotic materials’ needs.

Contact us should you have any project requirements or want to discuss where these materials may replace your current metallic components.


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